Make a Cross

Sigil 1, Solve the Underside of the Cube

Sigil 2, Solve the Middle Band

Sigil 3, Second Cross on the Top of the Cube

Sigil 4, Fill in the Corners of the Upper face

Sigil 5 Solve the Rest of the Cube

You will solve the cube in this last step. So far the top surface, the bottom surface and the middle layer of the cube have been solved. To complete the cube we will use sigil No.5 to solve the remaining parts of the top and bottom layer.
This step has the longest algorithms but you know how to read the sigils so following these algorithm will be easy and when you commit them to memory they are fun to do.
Because there are two layers left to solve, after solving the top layer you will have to turn the cube over so that you can repeat the process again on the last layer.

the first algorithm that makes up sigil No.5 is called J Perm. You will use this to create "Headlights" on one side of the top layer. If you already have Headlights on one side of the top layer make turn the cube so that they are facing towards the left and perform J perm to create headlights on all sides of the top layer.