Make a Cross

Sigil 1, Solve the Underside of the Cube

Sigil 2, Solve the Middle Band

Setup For Sigil No.2

The setup for this stage is the most complex part of the solve. If you can make it through this part you will easily follow along with the rest of the method. After this setup you will use either of these Sigils to insert the "focus square" into the middle layer of the cube.

Sigil No.2 left side & Sigil No.2 right side

This sigil has eight turns and it might look difficult to remember at first glance, but actually the first four turns are exactly the same as the sigil that you just used to place the underside corners. So, all you need to do is add four new turns and you will have Sigil No.2.

The colour in the top centre of the cube is "bad" take note of this colour. It will be different depending on what colour cross you made in the first stage of the solve. It is called "bad" because we do not want this colour to be in the next square that we are about to take notice of.
This next square is the "focus square" it is the square that is going to be moved into the centre layer with Sigil No.2. Before you can use the sigil you must make sure that the colour you just identified in step.1 is not on the top or the front of this square. If the "bad" colour is in this spot you must move it away by turning just the top layer until you have a square at the front that you can use.
Now, notice the colour on the front of the "focus square." In this picture it is blue. Then, turn the middle middle layer to match blue to blue as shown in the picture.
In the last step of the setup, take notice of the colour on the top of the "focus square" in this case it is orange. Now, locate that colour in the centre square of either the left or right side of the cube. If it is on the right use Sigil No.2 right side to insert the focus square into the middle layer.
+ =
If the colour on the top of the focus square was found in the centre of the left side of the cube we would use Sigil No.2 left side to move the focus square into it's correct place in the middle layer.
+ =

If You Get Stuck

It could happen that you can't find a focus square that you can use because the bad colour is in every square in the top level. If that happens just find an edge in the middle layer that is not solved and do sigil No.2 for that side. Then that square will be moved into the top layer and you will be able to do the setup again.

Sigil 3, Second Cross on the Top of the Cube

Sigil 4, Fill in the Corners of the Upper face

Sigil 5 Solve the Rest of the Cube