Make a Cross

Sigil 1, Solve the Underside of the Cube

Sigil 2, Solve the Middle Band

Sigil 3, Second Cross on the Top of the Cube

In this step you will make a cross on the top of the cube with one sigils.

Sigil No.3 for the Horizontal Line

It will change this pattern and all the other versions of the Horizontal Line into a cross.
Make sure that each pattern is aligned so that horizontal line can be seen going from left to right across the upper surface. Then do this sigil to change the pattern into a cross.

The other option is the Dot pattern. If you come across it you will be able to do either of the sigils. Sigil No.3 Back To Front will change a dot pattern into one of the horizontal line patterns. Sigil No3 Horizontal Line will change a dot pattern into one of the back to front l patterns.

Sigil 4, Fill in the Corners of the Upper face

Sigil 5 Solve the Rest of the Cube