How to Solve the Cube

Below is an image of the placemat. We use it to show how to turn the cube, which face to turn and in what direction to turn that face.
Hold your cube in front of the placemat or put it on top of the placemat if you have saved the image and printed a physical copy. The cube must remain stationary in relation to the placemat while you are trying to solve it.

Each triangular section of the placemat relates to the face of the cube that it is pointing at in the picture. A blue triangle section means you must turn that face in an anticlocwise direction. Red means turn that face in the clockwise direction.

The Sigils

superimposing a sigil over the placemat reveals a sequence of turns that if when followed will change the cube from its current state to a next, more desired state that brings the cuber closer to solving the cube with the excecuting of the turns indicated in each sigil.
Below are some example of what the sigils superimposed over the placemat will look like. A number will be a in one of the sections of the placemat and it is telling you to turn that face either clockwise (red) or anticlockwise (blue) and to make those turns in the order that the numbers are presented on the face that the number is in the section of.

Let's Begin

Click on each of the links below in order to work your way through the solve.

Make a Cross

Sigil 1, Solve the Underside of the Cube

Sigil 2, Solve the Middle Band

Sigil 3, Second Cross on the Top of the Cube

Sigil 4, Fill in the Corners of the Upper face

Sigil 5 Solve the Rest of the Cube